The Birth Of Feniska

After a long day at work, Sonita arrived at home, and was looking forward to the usual warm welcome from Django. To her unpleasant surprise, Django did not say hello and he appeared lethargic.

She immediately rushed him to the doctor, fearing the worst. The first question the doctor asked them was, ‘How has Django’s behavior changed in the last few days? Were his eating habits different?’. Sonita stuttered. Because she had been spending most of the day at work, she did not have exact details. The doctor then performed several examinations, and immediately delivered the terrible news that Django had stones in his urinary tract that were blocking his bladder and needed to go into surgery immediately. 

Thankfully, Django survived. But a condition that would have cost € 400 to treat had it been detected weeks earlier, ended up costing € 2900. But what is even more important she could have saved Django from so much suffering and pain.  

Sonita had no clue that small deviations from the normal weight or sleeping habits are already indications of disease. To detect these changes, a pet parent must understand the normal condition of the pet. Sonita desperately looked for a product that would help her monitor Django’s critical health data. The product did not exist on the market, so she decided to create it.

The Founders

We met at work, bonded over food, and connected over our love for 90's RnB. Sonita is a Business Computer Science M.Sc. graduate with five years of experience in the software industry. She is incredibly passionate about technology and pets. Ropa is an International Business graduate with a devotion to the tech industry and four years of experience in business development.

Together, we create a company that builds innovative solutions for pets and pet parents and bring the Pet-Tech industry to new heights. Through our growing friendship, we discovered that we share a passion for seeing women not only take up more roles in tech but actually lead in tech companies. We have worked for tech companies, big and small, for the entirety of our professional careers, and are all too familiar with the underrepresentation of women and minorities. Additionally, our overlapping identities as women of color mean that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords to us, they are our reality.

With both of us being go-getters who do not take no for an answer, we found ourselves on a mission to play our part in closing the gaps we see in the tech industry. So, here we are !

The best part is, with Ropa being dog-obsessed, and Sonita being a cat mom, we get to change the world while building a product that is deeply personal to each of us. And, we get to use a lot of cat puns in the process :) !

The Crew Behind Feniska


Meownagement assistant


Barketing Executve


Head of pawduct

Our Vision

We create a world in which every pet parent can ensure that their pet is healthy and happy.

Our Mission

We help pet parents improve the health of their pets by building the most intuitive and reliable digital pet healthcare products in the world.

Our Values

We are committed to bringing the world’s leading technological advancements into the pet care industry. We aim to bring you only the best in smart technology and data analytics.

Our inclusion policy is not only seen in who we hire, but in how we operate. We are committed to going the extra mile to support team members of migrant backgrounds, to ensure women are empowered to succeed, and to make our products accessible to as many people as possible.

We acknowledge pets as fully fledged members of our society, and as such, are committed to ensure that they have high quality products ensuring their overall wellness. Our promise is to deliver peace of mind to pet parents.

We work with high accuracy, care and diligence in order to ensure we deliver high quality products at all times. From conducting extensive research, to our pet-centric design process, and working with only the best materials, Feniska aims to be the leading Pet Tech company.

Our Milestones

Implementation & Testing
Research & Development
The idea was born